The Earth is destroyed - space miners stationed in the Asteroids fight to survive.
Gamble, mine, upgrade and customize your ship, research weapons, shields and engines technology!
Fight, raid, bomb and trade with other Star Pirates!
Join forces and become part of a Fleet!
Assemble into Armadas!

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    2142: Regenabots. Automated regenerative robots (Regenabots) are invented that seek out and aggressively treat any ailing human. At last, immortality of a sort has been discovered on Earth - no longer does disease or age triumph over man. Within a year, the Regenabots are everywhere and briefly the Earth is a Utopia.
    2165: Time of SpyBattle 2165. Pressures of an unstoppable surge of population brings Earth to the brink of disaster. Earth is wracked by a series of devastating wars fought over control of diminished natural resources. Energy is not the issue - cool fusion and null-grav enerpile technology has solved that - the battle is over the last vestiges of near-exhausted mineral resources.
    2174: AI Council takes over (Regenabots). With a population nearing 27 billion and no end of this growth in sight, democracy vanishes across the globe. When despotism causes near-collapse, the self-improving Regenabots intervene and assert authority.
    2177: Sterilisation or the Stars. Humanity is presented with the options of enforced mass sterilization or leaving the planet and taking to a hard spacefarer's life. Freedom-seekers and those looking for families take to the stars and the Regenabots follow soon after trying to keep the space miners alive.
    2182: Asteroid Belt - Star Ports. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is populated by orbiting habitable satellites called "StarPorts". They are crowded, unsanitary and dismal but capable of sustaining life in space. Under these harsh conditions, space miners begin "farcasting" mineral-rich asteroids to Earth by means of giant "gravity casters".
    2188: Starcrash Catastrophe - two of the giant rocks farcast to Earth collide and instead of going into an accessible orbit plunge as a super mass directly into the Tokyo harbor according to intercepted futile frantic radio appeals for help. Some believe the Catastrophe was not an accident and was orchestrated by the Sons of Earth who have bitterly fought machine rule. Others believe it was inevitable. All agree the result was the final and complete destruction of the planet.
    2194: Game Begins. The Earth is uninhabitable - a mass of arctic storms and unstable ground ripped by frequent violent earthquakes and volcanic activity. StarPorts in orbit around some of the planets and stars have become the life stations of what remains of humanity. The StarPort and the asteroids are your only home - and these have become a war ground, where your odds of survival are grim. Without the Regenabots, humanity would already be extinguished. Gangs of Star Pirates rule the stars - fighting each other, looting old space hulks and mining resources wherever they can be found for trade to improve their star vessels and ensure their survival.
    2196: - Unverified reports of communications from Alpha Centauri
    2197: Current year. Gangs of Star Pirates are writing the future ...
    Enter this dark future if you dare.

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